Jobs from home 


 I wanted to share with you

some professions that you can learn

online and professions that allow you to

work online in the past four years the

the online part of my income has started

growing fast so I just

wanted to share some ideas on how you can

do this too

I’m going to talk about

professions that you can either start

doing right now or take a two-three week

or maybe like a two-month course online

and start working

profession number one

translating what I thought about

translating it’s better to translate

from English into your language so

for example, if you’re Spanish you can

translate from English into Spanish

because this is what’s most in-demand

because if you’re a Spanish speaker it

wouldn’t be the best idea to translate

from Spanish into English without proper

like really good education unless you’re

bilingual but if you know good English

if you’re upper intermediate and with

some help of the dictionary you would be

able to translate into Spanish this is

awesome a great website to look for

different job postings are upward comm

and I went on up work and checked what

are the jobs for Spanish speakers and

you can find tasks that are worth 500

1000 dollars and imagine if you are from

a poor country poorer compared to

America what you make online is actually

a lot of my translation translator


profession number two

or like

task number two is to edit the text again

this is coming from my own experience if

you’re a native speaker if you speak

English and you want to help other

people like there are so many people

studying English and using it every day

who are not native speakers and there’s

so many emails being written in English

with so many mistakes there are so many

essays being written for American

British Australian Canadian universities

there are so many resumes being written

in English and all of those people need

help this is why we started fluently

Express we’re a native speaker instantly

corrects your attacks in English and if

you’re a native speaker or like super

advanced English language learner you

can go ahead and sign up the email will

be here this is Joe who managed his

fluent Express and he would be able to

onboard you if you’re qualified enough

again if you’re an English native

speaker so many jobs they can do online

starting with teaching Chinese kids

English for example because this is a

huge market editing texts and just

helping foreigners with their English

just the converse

practice English online activity number

three software testing and this is

something I found out about when I moved

to Silicon Valley and the thing is with

software testing you only need like

maybe three or four months to learn it

some people take a year but again it

depends on how good you are with the

computer but to start learning

QA testing you just need to be good with

computer know how to search the internet

know how to create folders you know know

how to use the word in Excel and people make

so much money like this is a number one

the profession in Silicon Valley for those

who doesn’t have computer science?

education and want to do something with

tech because the salaries are pretty

high and again as I mentioned you can

learn it pretty fast so for example

there is this burden of computer school

started by a fellow Russian he started

at 20 years ago he moved to

Silicon Valley in the 90s and realized

this is something he could do and then

he started doing it started a school

they had more than a thousand students

from all over the world and they have

different programs like the only loss

only costs a thousand dollars and you

learn everything about software testing

they’ll also help you with your resume

and if you’re here in Silicon Valley and

we want to do it offline you pay forty

five hundred dollars and you get the

offline full-time course and internship

in a local company so you get work

experience and I checked on Glassdoor

and by the way, Glassdoor is one of the

best resources to find how much people

are earning and QA engineer remote QA

engineer, so you can work from home, makes

sixty-three thousand dollars a year

which is again like if I were in Russia

and I did this sixty-three thousand

dollars we were like a lot of money I’m

telling you a

profession number four is

a landing page designer there are so

many small businesses out there and

there are so many tools to create

landing pages like

so you do not need to know-how

to code you just drag and drop things

and I’ve done so many landing pages for

língua trip when I first did it it took

me like maybe two hours when I did it

last time two weeks ago it took me

thirty minutes because I know everything

so once you master that skill

you can just do you know till ending

pagers the day and I checked out a web

a site called it started as a

the website where you could get any job done

for five dollars but now they’ve

transformed their idea a little self the

prices range from $5 to you know

hundreds and there are different

postings of people who can create a

landing page for you and the price

ranges from $50 to $100 so again if you

make like five landing pages per day you

can make $500 again depends on your

skills students on how much you like it

and I think you need to have some of

like the taste for UX/UI the design how

everything looks like then you just help

people save their time and small

businesses can concentrate on selling

and you can help them create the website

web designers the next profession the

The next skill copywriting if you love texts

then listen carefully every business is

now concentrated on creating content cuz

content is King content is how you find

clients content is how you educate them

first, there is a huge demand for good

texts for different websites in

different languages like lingua trade

was translated into six languages so we

need tax in all of them there are

Instagram bloggers and Instagram is this

the platform which started as a platform

where you just post pictures and now is

transforming to a platform where you

post a picture and you have to give some

content like you have to write a good

text and give people some value and

these stacks are coming from nowhere

they not just oh here’s the text it’s

a lot of effort like I’m not a

writer and I would spend like maybe half

an hour per Instagram post just for the

text and there is an additional photo

part so it takes a lot of time I would

not be able to write all of the articles

for a website so we constantly look for

good copywriters and there are

constantly thousands of companies out

there looking for good copywriters and

Instagram bloggers like not every single

blogger can write good texts

well Kinsey copywriter the next video

editor somebody who I started to look

for maybe when I was six months into

YouTube because first again I had no

education in view at

nothing I just filmed a video with my

iPhone took my iPhone to open the iMovie

and try to crop it and you know what try

and do a video in iMovie it comes out so

good the program is the the

soft is easy if easy to

understand easy to work with and

then you get magic so there’s so many

people who are starting YouTube blogs

and professional video companies charge

oh my god I just realized they charge

like fifteen thousand dollars per video

you don’t have to do that although if

you’re professional you can go

that way but if you just want some

freelance income and wanna help people

edit some videos like beginner YouTube

bloggers fifteen dollars an hour twenty

dollars an hour on average it takes like

five to six hours to edit a video again

you’re gonna work on create your

portfolio and you know another thing for

everyone doesn’t matter what job you’re

looking at the start with creating a

portfolio on some of the websites and

you can do some jobs for free maybe you

have clients maybe you don’t maybe

you’re just studying out do some jobs

for free like for a review so you can

get a five-star rating maybe like three

or four of them and then organic orders

will start coming in some of the soft

for video editing that I would advise

iMovie then Adobe Premiere and Sony

Vegas this is what we YouTubers use a

lot the next photo editing I just found

this blogger millions of subscribers

Peter McKinnon, teaches you how to

edit photos so they can look really

good so all you need to start

photo edit you can start with

the easiest soft like that is free vsco

Lightroom is free for the iPhone

what else there you Snapseed all of the

apps and again there are so many

Instagram bloggers there are so many

companies that are starting Instagram

and if you would help them make it look

more professional better with a better

layout better coloring they would hire

you a hundred percent so again you can

start experimenting with your own

Instagram because I guess Instagram

would be the platform where you would

sell your services and I would advise

you to make your Instagram look good and

then try to DM

but on Instagram reach out to them and

say hey this isn’t how my profile looks

like I see that you’re trying to sell

through Instagram but your photos are

not really well don’t say that tell them

you can improve their performance by 30

or 40 percent and you’re willing to do

it for free for a week again you’re

doing this review and for your

experience and then you will just start

collecting money 30% of our

employees of my team came from this kind

of thing when they just reach out on

social media helped me for free and I

realize they’re really good and I just

hire them so this is my advice for you

on how to make the first steps I use the

magic of photo editing software if you

realize that a photo editing you love it

video editing you love it maybe blogging

is something you would love to do and

vlogging is this thing that doesn’t have

a limit so on all of the other jobs that

I’m mentioning here yes you are limited

by your time but your skills etc with

YouTube once you post a video it can go

viral and you can get millions of views

so there is no limit one of my friends

yeah 700,000 followers on his YouTube

channel and his videos get over a

million views every time you post some

of his videos get like 50 million views

he does kids content and he makes

$40,000 a month it lives a happy life it

pays a lot of taxes though and yeah

enjoys his life in Florida and does

nothing like two videos a month

he understands that this is not a job

that he could maintain throughout his

life but this is a great source of

the income he’s in his 30s then enjoys life

makes some savings speaking of pimples

let’s roll so if you have this urge to

talk about something don’t postpone like

the best time to start is now to take out

your phone and start recording boast a

a couple of videos you don’t have to start

making income straight away like I got

my first hundred dollars check from

YouTube when I was six months into my

Russian Channel and I had like 10,000

followers it wouldn’t start coming in

fast but once you start growing

the checks will be bigger and bigger but

you cannot start blogging just for the

sake of making money cuz you know gonna

love it but if you love to talk go-ahead

YouTube is the best platform you can

also start at Instagram it

pay for the views but again you can sell

stuff through Instagram later or get

paid ads see your library another job

that requires no education at all just

basic knowledge of computer and research

skills some things that I’ve used a lot

called virtual assistant back in 2015

when we just came to Silicon Valley and

decided to start fundraising we needed a

list of investors who invested in

education so I went to a

looked for virtual assistants found that

girl in Thailand who charged I don’t

remember but was like five dollars a per

an hour and she walked for ten hours I paid

her $50 she came up with a list of

sixteen happy masters

and I also realized that if I hired

somebody in California in California the

minimum wage per hour is fifteen dollars

I would have paid a lot more and

this is why so many people in America

outsource the tasks outsourcing college

it’s a brilliant idea because they pay

less but at the same time when you’re in

a country with the lower-income you make so

much money

you make a lot more than you

would have made if you worked offline in

you know regular 9:06 job by the way

for all of the jobs that are mentioned

here you don’t have to quit your job you

do your 906 or sorry either your 9:00 to

5:00 come back home eat your dinner and

dedicate a couple more hours to

something that you’re passionate

about something that you love and

something that might transform your life

and create a whole new career for you

assistant yeah virtual okay and the last

but not the least something really

particular something that is not really

widely spoken about I picked this idea

from Gary Vaynerchuk one of my favorite

bloggers, you got your perspective

and I realized I’ve done it


this is called like starting a small a

based on what he’s just doing if you

live in a country with garage sales like

America has a lot of garage sales you go

their people sell their things like one

or two dollars and they are worth a lot

more I’ll tell you my story 2015 we

moved to Mountain View we had $2,000 for

everything we had a one-bedroom

apartment three people and I had to buy

all the furniture like everything for

apartment for $2,000 on a garage

sale and people were selling like all

the kitchen utensils for one or two

dollars I got a lot of them brought them

home and then in six months we needed to

move out and we went back to Russia so I

started selling all of that stuff and

sold then with markup like

fifty one-hundred percent markup and

this is what you can do so Gary does

In this serious way, he just goes on

Saturday buys a lot of stuff and then

resells it on eBay and he says you can

make like 500 1000 extra dollars a week

I heard it garage sales said that was it

from you guys, I hope you enjoyed this

content if this was useful for you and

you think you’re gonna apply some of 

the device in your real-life please, please

please like this video leave a comment

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job and what it was because maybe it

will be a great idea for my next video

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and again all you need to start is your

computer maybe your phone sometimes one

or two hours and most important desire

to make more money to live a better life

and to do more cool stuff so you have

everything now goes ahead and start


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