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Amazon Job Online Typing Job Hiring $18 per Hour

a new Amazon work from home job

that’s available right now that lets you

basically, just do typing work, and it

pays you around eighteen dollars or so

per hour so if you go to and

you aren’t already familiar with it it’s

one of the biggest online retailers in

the world to find their careers page

just scroll down to the bottom under getting

to know us and then you can click

careers right there that’ll take you to

their jobs page which is at Amazon

and what’s really nice about working

from home for Amazon is they have a

separate page for their remote jobs so

it’s dedicated to all the work from home

jobs they have which typically they have

quite a few so if you go to view remote

jobs you can see all the ones that they

have with what they call a virtual

location so in many cases, you can do

these and a lot of different locations

and work from home the whole time so you

see some in Costa Rica you see some of

the United States you should be able to

find something hopefully close to you

but they also have a category here on

the left side that says work from home

you can also click that and if you go

through the regular jobs page, you can

just click that category and it’ll

narrow it down for you so what you’re

looking for is the data associate Alexa

data services virtual that’s the name of

the job and these jobs are basically

transcription jobs so basically you

listen to some sort of audio usually and

then you type it out in some form into

text so you’ll be transcribing and

annotating high-priority deliverables

you’ll translate established guidelines

into daily work practices processing

data in order of priority obviously

you’ll have deadlines and those types of

things basic qualifications native level

proficiency in English both verbal and

written skills and you’ll need to be

able to work with different accents of

English for this particular job so you


to be different accents but they will be

speaking English the audio files and you

need to be able to wear headsets for

a portion of the day listening to audio

content that’s how you do your

transcription work and business software

is something you’ll need to be familiar

with that’s about it and then preferred

qualifications that are not required

bachelor’s degree in a relevant field or

equivalent experience working with

speech or language data including

experience with annotation other forms

of data markup and practice knowledge

practical knowledge of data processing

needs and trade-offs so those are some

of the things they’re looking for

again just look for data associate Alexa

Data Services the one I’ve seen so far

is for the US you may be able to find

one for your country as well and as

always you can come back and check-in

another couple of weeks or every month

or whatever and look for these

particular jobs but they have a lot of

work from home jobs available all the

time and different parts of the world

here’s another one in Italy in the u.s.

you have Costa Rica so go through these

pages here they like 73 pages worth of

online jobs and most of them are going

to be a little bit more difficult to

apply for as far as experience and a

degree than the one I showed you but as

far as a great place to find work Amazon

is one of them typing test commis

a place where you can test your word per

minute typing speed you may not need to

do that they did not specify a specific

word per minute typing speed that you

need for the transcription job for

Amazon but many websites that have those

types of jobs require a certain word per

minute typing speed of say 50 or 60 so

you can test that for free by typing

test comm if you need to and then if

you’re wondering whether Amazon is

a good place to work they have a three

point eight out of five-star rating on

Glassdoor you can read through a lot of

reviews on there they have over 38,000

and then

they have over 39,000 reviews with a

three-point six out of 5-star rating so

very highly rated

lots of jobs to look at and then if you

want the latest work from home jobs that

have been posted in the last month or so

check the online jobs tab at self-made and also you can check the

playlists that should be popping up in

the top right of this video will

show you some of the ways to work from

home jobs as well and hopefully this was

helpful hopefully this is an interesting

job to you

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