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Best online jobs thats pay 15$ per hour


Best online jobs that you can get

in 2021

even if you are still a high school or a

college student, now you can do these

even if you aren’t a student

all of the jobs that I’m going to

mention can realistically pay 15

or more an hour just really depending on

how experienced you are with these

and your attention to detail so for most

of the jobs

that I’m going to mention I would

recommend using a platform like

Upwork and this is not sponsored in any

way but

with Upwork, you can look

through jobs that people have already


who are actively looking for help with

their projects

you could also use something like Fiverr

but I tend to find

that with Fiverr it’s built more

for people looking for freelancers

rather than the other way around

Upwork goes both ways and there are

a ton of different platforms out there but

that is just the one that I think is

easiest to get started with

we’ll start with the job on this

list that requires

the lowest skill level and that would be

data entry

so with the data entry, this can be a

variety of different things it could be

taking someone’s pdf document and

transferring it to word

it could be transferring data into an

excel spreadsheet it could even be

writing product listings or transferring

products from one online store

to another online store so typically

with data entry, you don’t need

experience in anything but you will

need to have high attention to detail

especially if you are copying over

important financial numbers or product

names things like that it usually needs


match exactly what the client is giving


so it’s super important that you are

able to actually

take data and make sure that it is


the same when you are transferring it

wherever it needs to go

so even with data entry jobs, I would try

to look on

somewhere like Upwork first, there’s also

something called

amazon mechanical Turk but I find that

that’s just

like a ripoff you barely make any money

off of it

people who are posting on there don’t

want to pay

for quality work so going with Upwork

you’re going to get a better rate and

you are going to be able to charge 15

or more it’s you set your own

rate and you charge what you want

the next job that would be good for

pretty much anyone from their early

teens to their late 20s

would be a social media manager now i

use the word

manager in the quotes because there are

a lot of courses and just

spammy looking things out there where

people are like I’ll teach you to be a

social media manager for only

two thousand dollars a week and you’ll

make ten thousand dollars a week no

don’t do that but

you can make money managing people’s

social media accounts and usually

this is going to be for an influencer

someone who’s trying to become an

influencer or some sort of brand or

e-commerce store

but you could even do this for local


like different restaurants or maybe you

know like a dentist or a chiropractor

that wants to post on social media but

doesn’t necessarily have time to do it


so what a social media manager does is

maybe making the post

maybe scheduling the post if there are

multiple people

involved it may be making their

schedules for when things

need to be posted and making sure that

everyone stays on track

so that the schedule is kept now this

could also be

deciding which channels they’re going to

focus their attention on

like for example do they pull in the

most business through Facebook or


Instagram or maybe they’re trying out

tick tock or something like that

and so you would be the one

deciding where they’re posting

what they’re posting and how often

they’re posting and that leads into

the third job is social media

marketing and again

huge buzzword there are a bunch of very

questionable courses on social media


but the point is knowing how to market

is a very valuable skill and it’s

something that companies are willing to

pay for

so when I’m talking about social media

marketing mostly what I’m talking about

is running ads as well as sending email


both are huge sources of revenue for


and so that is what they focus a lot of

their time and their budget on

so what you would need to learn for this

is how to run

Facebook ads maybe how to run ads on

like Instagram

or Snapchat and then it would also be

beneficial to learn how to run

email campaigns and there are a bunch of

free platforms that you can do that on

as well as

paid platforms and once you learn one

the rest are kind of similar

so one of the free ones that you can

start with is

MailChimp that’s what a lot of companies

start with at the very beginning or

a lot of small businesses use

and, simply, it’s like a drag

and drop type program

but once you learn how to send effectively

emails that are something that people are

willing to pay a lot of money for

the next job is to be a freelance writer

now if you’re halfway decent at writing

you for sure can make

more than 15 an hour it’s really hard

to find a good writer and if you are a

good writer, please

Share your skills with the rest of us

this job can be especially good if you


any knowledge in a particular niche so

for example, you could be a finance

the writer you could write about online


or you could write about coaching all

three of those have picked up a lot in


so those are just the ones that came to

the top of my head with copywriting jobs

especially with the posts that you see

on Upwork, a lot of them are going to be

for email campaigns, they’ll be for

landing pages

which is like that’s the main page

that you land on when you are

going to someone’s website and they’re

trying to sell you a service so if

you’ve ever seen any of like those

coaching landing pages

or even landing pages for courses they

hire people to actually

write that sales text that is trying to

sell you

their course or their services or

whatever else they’re selling

but the same thing goes for that so you

don’t necessarily have to have a

particular niche

but you can do copywriting specifically

for emails or specifically for landing pages

or articles or whatever interests you

the next job is as a virtual assistant

which if you’re not

already in like kind of the online job

the world you may not have heard of this

but this is just a general term

for someone online, that’s helping you do

whatever tasks you need

virtual assistants can do a wide variety

of things

but a lot of times it will involve some

sort of customer service support

it may have to do with some of the other

jobs that I’ve already mentioned

like scheduling social media posts if

it’s for an e-commerce brand it

maybe something like keeping their

product listings up to date

uh keeping their sales pages up to date

and things like that it could also be

light data entry or really anything else

that they need help with for this one it

maybe 15

an hour it may be a little bit lower and

maybe a little bit higher

it just depends on the client and

what they need you to do

the next job is to be a video editor

which I think is a little bit more fun

then some of the others but even if you

don’t have a ton

of experience editing videos if you

spend a day or two

on youtube looking up tutorials you can

learn enough

to get started and this is just a really

a good skill to have because so many


are trying to produce video content or

add that

to the content that they already produce

that there are just a ton

a ton of people who are looking for

video editors for

their youtube videos for you know their

Instagram or tick-tock videos

or even for their online courses so i

just think that’s a good

skill in general to have but it’s even

better because you can also

get paid for it and the next job kind of

down the same path

is to do graphic design so photoshop and


are pretty much the industry standards

for what professional graphic designers


but there’s also some free online


like canvas is one of them that lets you

make pretty good looking social media

graphics and

website graphics different size banners

and they have templates that you can

work off of too

so that’s not ideal necessarily but you

can get started with that the

next job that requires a little bit more

skill or at least a little bit more time

and effort on your part is a web

developer or a web designer

so for this, you don’t necessarily have

to know like really intense coding or


if you learn how to use WordPress


Wix any of those platforms you can build

websites for people

and you can charge them for it and you

can probably make

well over 15 an hour doing it and this

is another job

where you may not currently know how to

build websites but if you

spend a week or two on youtube and just

googling things you can start

out on one of those basic websites

builders that’s kind of a drag and drop

situation and build pretty decent

websites for people

that they will pay you more than 15 an hour for

and then as you get more familiar with

those you can move into

more complicated website builders that

people will pay you even more for

so the ninth job is to teach English


this has been around for a while but

especially now people are willing to pay

a little bit more to get a good online

English tutor so one popular program is


VIP kids or VIPKID through them

basically what you’re doing

are you’re tutoring international kids?


are having basic conversations

with them in

English and teaching them simple terms

and words

and phrases and then as you move into

later levels you’ll be having

full conversations with them practicing

their sentence structure and

things like that and that’s something

that’s pretty nice to have because it is

on your schedule and you can open up

the time slots that you would be willing

to teach at

and if that’s something that you’re

interested in I think there’s like a


English teaching side of youtube where

people have a lot of fun making like

different props and stuff for their

classes so definitely

go search for that stuff if teaching

English online is something that you’re

interested in

and the last job is a translation which of

the course will not apply to

everyone but

if you were lucky enough to grow up in a

bilingual household

or you were lucky enough to go to

a school that put time

into teaching you a language then

translation can be

something that people are willing to pay

a pretty good amount of money

for especially

if you are completely fluent in two

different languages

and you’re able to translate things like

medical documents or

legal documents but it don’t

necessarily have to be that complex

I know that a lot of people will pay to

have their ebooks or

their courses translated into other


so those are options as well so

hopefully, this gave you a few ideas of

jobs that you can start looking into




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