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Data Entry Skills to have data entry job

data entry job

description and salaries I also

shared my experience doing data entry

from my dad’s book warehouse

, I share heaps of

information about the many different

types of data entry jobs so that instead

of thinking about

data entry like this

you think about it like this

what are the data

entry skills that you need

some recommendations for data entry

courses online and also some

recommendations for data entry practice

tests so that you can upskill for success

learn to earn baby bring it on

we help you


freedom and work-life balance by sharing

information on

making extra side income that’s the

piggy finding a work from home job or

starting an online business so

data entry is in fact about

finding a work from home job and

starting an online business because this

is very much

a world for freelancers and start

your own freelancing business and

you know all the good stuff that comes

with that so what sort of skills do you

need to be a

daddy dad entry operator data encoder

you know there’s

many different names for it as I covered

in the first video what sort of data

entry skills

do you need to kick start or progress?

and move ahead in this industry some of

the data entry skills

include things like touch typing uh

filing and record-keeping

transcription uh accuracy and attention

to detail just

having a really good accurate attention

to detail customer service skills

there’s also document formatting

computer skills and software knowledge

legislation and compliance and

administrative skills amongst

many many others okay great so how to do

you get these skills how to do you upskill

for success let me share with you a

a whole bunch of courses and tests

that you can use check them out see if

they are any good for you if they’re not

at least it’s going to start the

the research process for you so you can

keep it going and get somewhere

okay the first course I want to share

with you is from my or udemy I’m not

quite sure how to pronounce that this is

a very well established well-known

course platform the course that they

have on here is the data entry course

for beginners and it gets you

into being a data entry professional but


more importantly, it also helps uh if

you’re looking at being a freelancer in

this space

by the way, I’m gonna have links for all

these in the description below so you

don’t have to remember them or write

them down the next

course creator or group that I want to

share with you is

lei moon who have a course on data entry


uh that’s as you can see here GB it must

be a British course

led by a British instructor and has

a whole stack of information there

also, the independent dot co dot UK have

a course they’ve got in their

find training courses an office

management course called data entry


and it says that this one is 30 hours so

that’s a whopping

big course um yeah I’m not sure if you

need one that long but

anyway also certified have their own

course on data entry as you can see here

it’s one lesson of 30 minutes that’s about

you know that that’s

sounds a bit more palatable

another one is from now

I gathered that Linda was taken

over from LinkedIn as you can see here from LinkedIn

but yeah they’ve still got a bunch of

courses here so I’m not quite sure

what the go is with that but these guys

have a whole stack of different things


learning numeric data entry uh add a dart

entry fields data entry fields

create a data entry form easing data

entry with data list data entry

shortcuts so yeah all sorts of really

interesting stuff

now if you want to get more specific


into certain programs that you would

need to use then

highly recommend doing that for example

uh LinkedIn learning has this excel

2016 essential training with Dennis

Taylor and

further down in one of the uh the fields

down here exploring data entry and

editing techniques is

just one of the little modules he’s got

in there but yeah that would dive deep

into excel

another one not too dissimilar is google

sheets so spreadsheets for beginners

using google sheets this is a corsair


now if you believe that you do not need

to do a course and you are the best data


practitioner person in the whole world


come and do some practice tests and

we’ll bring you back down to earth now

I’m sure you’re very good but

it’s always good to do some practice

tests so here are a couple of websites

this one is dot


data hyphen entry so again I’ll have

these links in the description below

another this one’s really good actually

because it covers a whole bunch of

different fields from

uh emergency data entry so that’s if you

want to work in for the emergency

services that are obviously

very very important and critical is a company that’s or the organization


helps with that basic data entry license

plate number tests

VIN drills street address drills

money drills

phone number drills zip code drills

credit card numbers so

a whole bunch of different

fields where you can get into data entry


also, there’s to

get your typing

the speed you can do the full 10 key test

zip code test

typing test full keyboard another one is so now that you’ve typed both

numbers and letters you’re going to

combine them and

type them together so they are a couple

of courses uh and a couple of places look

at this, I’ve got this weird little

it must be a reflection from outside

look I’ll use it as my

widow a couple of different resources

for courses

and to check your skills tests

so data entries skills test courses hope

you got something out of that if you

know something that might benefit from


please share it with them


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