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To do data entry work so there are lots

of data entry jobs on up work and on

different online job portals it’s one of

the most common jobs you can find and

easiest to get a job for so first of all

what is that entry work so there are two

kinds of data entry work or two kinds of

work that clients consider to be that

entry the first one the most common one

is when you’re encoding data from a

the scanned document usually send you a

PDF of like a textbook or something

like that and you put it into a Word or

Excel document so just whatever you see

and then you just type it in Word or

Excel some other data entry work can be

copy and copy-pasting data from one form

to another so you could be looking at

let’s say a directory of businesses and

you’d be copying and pasting their data

into Excel and the Excel spreadsheet

take note that copy-pasting from data

from one form into another usually

involves data research skills so

sometimes a client will tell you to do

research on the different let’s say

email addresses of contact people in

this company so you’re gonna have to do

some research to find those email

addresses in addition to data entry so

just be aware of that when you’re

applying for a job be sure to read the

Job Description properly before

applying first of all

what equipment do you need okay so you?

need a computer definitely, you can’t do

this on your mobile phone you need

Microsoft Word or Excel or even if you

don’t have Microsoft Word or Excel you

can always use the free tools Google

Docs and Google sheets optionally it

would be good if you had a second

monitor because if you have two screens

you can have the scan PDF on one of them

and you can have your screen on the

other and then you can just look between

those two screens it’s very easy what

some people do is they

on one screen they have half of the

screen be the like Microsoft Word and

half of the screen be the PDF scanned

document so either way but a second

the screen would help you do your

work faster since you can also see more

what skills do you need well you need

fast typing skills and then you need to

have basic skills in Microsoft Word

Excel or Google Docs and Google sheets

so you don’t need to know formulas and

complicated stuff in Microsoft Excel

you just need to know how to navigate

and just basic skills in Excel how to do

you improve your typing skills so typing

skills are very important for data entry

because the faster you can type the more

work you can get done and the higher you

can get paid so you can go to a website

like typing test command just practice

there and as you practice you should

increase your words per minute or wpm a

The good word per minute to start is 60

words per minute if you can type in 60

words per minute then you’re above

average and you’re you should be good to

do that entry work and if you can reach

a hundred words per minute that are even

better and I usually type around 100

words per minute so if you can reach

that speed then you can do a lot of work

and get paid a lot higher so where do

you find jobs you can go in upward comm

freelancer com go Lance comm you can

even create a profile on and

almost all the different online job

portals will have that entry work so why

would you do that and entry work in the

the first place that entry work is easy to

do it doesn’t require skills and

it doesn’t require education so you

don’t need to let’s say for example

enroll in one of my courses I have the

VA boot camp you don’t need that if

you’re just gonna do data entry work but

it’s really easy to do and you can get

started on it immediately and your only

training probably would be your typing

test increasing your typing speed some

reasons why not to do that entry work

first of all, it’s boring there’s no


you’re just typing typing typing and

that’s it so it can get very boring the

pay is a bit low compared to other jobs

if you do like if you become a virtual

assistant, you can charge five eight-ten

fifteen dollars an hour data entry

usually, you stay around three two maybe

six dollars an hour so there’s a big

the difference in pay also there’s no room

for growth even if you become a very

good data entry person you’re still data

the entry you can’t become like a supervisor

or a manager unless you venture once

again into other areas like virtual

assistant and if you are planning to

become a virtual assistant or do writing

work and things like that you don’t want

to have the low paying jobs in your up

work profile like that entry that’s a

low paying job you don’t want it to

appear in your up work profile because

clients are gonna think that your rate

is low and they want they want

be willing as much to pay you higher all

right so that’s it about dead-end few

work you can go ahead and apply for data

entry jobs or if you want to look

for other kinds of jobs

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