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How To Make Money On Upwork In 2021 For Beginners

how to make upwards to 75 an hour on Upwork we’re talking about anywhere from a hundred dollars a day to 500 a day and we are starting right now
Upwork because it is a good way to start making money online get an online job having money on the site especially if you have a job or if you’ve never done anything in the online world before

you could make money by learning from successful entrepreneurs by actually working for them and seeing behind the scenes how they run their business that’s exactly how I was able to make money because I shattered a lot of people that were making so much more money than me and Upwork is just one way to get access to those people now the first thing that you have to realize is you have to number one be good at what you do if you suck at most things then you have to be at least good at communicating with people and having good communication skills because the thing about business is you don’t have to be the one that does the service providing like these people that made 40 grand here 20 grand 10 000 here 30 grand here 100 dollars a year 75 dollars an hour they don’t necessarily have to be the ones that are writing and editing for specific people and it doesn’t necessarily have to be writing and editing it could be any one of these topics right here on the corner as well as down here any one of these categories these are where a lot of people are making money on Upwork the first thing though is if you are not good at what you do you have to be like at least know how to you know handle yourself how to have some type of confidence how to have a decent personality because a lot of up work is communicating and getting and building a relationship with clients okay that’s essentially it a lot of people get stuck with Upwork thinking oh I can make fifty dollars an hour when what you don’t realize is the main vision with this is building a relationship with somebody and service providing for them so you can make residual income every single month a thousand two thousand dollars per month per client that’s the main goal of things getting these clients on retainers because you built a strong relationship with them because you are a good person and you have a decent personality and they like you as a person that they’re willing to do business for you don’t necessarily have to be the best person you just have to know how to communicate with clients that’s really it

so even if you completely suck at it you

still have to be good at what you do

in terms of communications because you

could outsource the work to somebody


the second thing you want to do is you

want to of course create a profile

and start building your hourly rate but

in the beginning when you first

start the hourly rate doesn’t matter

until you start getting a bunch

of reviews right it’s kind of like

amazon we used to sell a bunch of

products in amazon in the past

you don’t buy from products from amazon

they don’t have any reviews

it’s the same thing with Upwork so

before you begin

you say like let’s just say a writing

the job right but it doesn’t necessarily

have to be writing job it could be any

one of these categories here

or here as well I just type in writing

on Upwork and here all these people that

do 50

an hour 60 an hour thirty-five dollars

an hour I will start charging myself

on the lowest event of things until

I get more and more of these credentials

right here right

so I see that thirty-five dollars are the

lowest seventy-five dollars thirty

dollars an hour twenty-nine dollars

an hour I will just start maybe charging

twenty dollars an hour

okay and I know a lot of people are like

I’ve never gotten paid 20

an hour right ever since I was like in

my 20s

my and your ego gets in the way because you think you’re worth more than that the problem with that is if you don’t have any of the credentials no one’s gonna ever get your services so what you guys got to do in the beginning is like same way how i worked for free from multi-millionaires for years tothe learn from thIm you have to just start charging less than everybody else until you get credibility I work for free, okay i work for free for years from multi-millionaires okay you could at least work twenty dollars an hour fifteen dollars an hour even just get it low don’t worry because once you get the results and reviews and the successes like this are the most important thing you could start increasing your prices now this is important because the moment you get ranked on here like in google right you don’t have to find clients anymore people are coming to you and finding you from searching on upwork which is the any moreportant part because then you don’t have to do any of the hard work of reaching out to people calling people hey you want to work uh i can I help you with this like I have this agency it’s not it’s annoying when you have to reach out to people you need to attract them by your profile does that make sense this is like the tinder profile for businesses the third thing you want to do once you do that is you want to go scroll all the way to the bottom and type in find jobs and when you type in find jobs you want to look for what is known as a fixed pricing job so after you created your profile and you set your hourly rate really low it doesn’t matter because that’s only to be found now your goal is to then go ahead and jump start your success by finding already existing jobs so what you would do is just type in writing as well and you can see all these jobs that are existing so what skills are you good at or can you get good at or you could find somebody to do it for you cheaper and you can do that so let’s just go for example with blog writing jobs I’m just going to type that in as i scroll down here we want to look for fixed price so this is 10 to 30 an hour a week but look at this this is a 150 fixed price so we are a trucking transportation logistics company we need a content writer who can write content for marketing flyers websites and marketing material promotions that’s 150 this one is 300 hello freelancers how to guys on all topics from a to z by everyday experts so that’s three hundred dollars that’s cool 105 127 500 this is even better and this is part time or full-time writing opportunity
if you’re new to upwork that’s okay so we’re on the hunt for talented writers to work with on a daily basis covering a diverse range of topics if you have an area of specialization we would love to hear about it digital marketing landscape cbd automation health business education home improvement interior design hvac technology and legal niches we have consistent work and are continually growing so you want to do for this is you want to just start applying for all these things right just try getting them even though if it’s below the pay that you’re normally good at that doesn’t matter because your goal is to get ranked on upwork when someone types in writing you want to your face want to be the first thing up there so that people are always going to pick you when they search for you that is the most important thing so what you want to do is you want to build up your listing kind of like what we did back in the day when i used to sell on amazon fba we want to give our products and services for very cheap just so we could get a review same thing here you want to find a way to get as muIh jobs as possible very efficiently when you first get started so you need to go up to them because no one’s going to find you when you first get started you think when you just create like a like an upward profile like oh I just created a network profile oh my god I could start making money right you think people are just going to like hire you out of nowhere no it’s ridiculous no one’s ever going to do that so you need to go and find them and build up your profile kind of like how you would build up your resume start applying for all these people and then try like I said apply for all these fixed job posts you should be looking at this every single day and applying to every a single one of them which leads me to the The fifth thing and that is you want to focus on providing value to every single one that’s asking for it okay odds are you’re probably going to get on a skype or a zoom interview you want to be very efficient in answering their questions they’re probably going to message you in their messenger platform on upwork you’re going to go back and forth you want to be able to make sure you’re very prompt in your responses you always respond very fast you don’t make them mate too long you always find out what their pain point is you want to find out how you can serve them look at this we will interview on skype call this is where this is the big money okay because even the writing you can get somebody else to do the writing for you cheaper okay you just got to be able to be good in front of an interview okay you’ll be like hey yeah like i can do this yeah I’m like this person yeah I’m always gonna be there for you okay I’m on this time zone is there anything that you have is there any questions for me right you hav to
find a way on what their goaI is and you need to be able to serve their goal okay because when you could unselfishly think about their problems and help solve them for them they’re going to come back to you for more and more consistent work in the future which leads me to the fifth thing and that’s you want to start saving up money on the side because this is what you’re going to use to start hiring out this hard work so once you start you know getting these jobs and whatnot and you start ranking on upwork for this term writing guess what people are going to star hiring you more and more and more so what you guys got to do is you need to figure out how to save money so that you can just hire out the talent that are just beginning and they don’t think about upwork as a business okay so when you save up the money you want to start slowly raising your rates as you are getting more and more success from these fixed jobs okay thes fixed jobs aren’t the end-all be-aisgoal it’s to make this thing look pretty the end-all be-all goal is to rank on upwork for a term that is your niche is writing is it consulting is it admin is it legal is it sales is it marketing is it translation you want to rank meaning on this first page so that once someone searches for it you could go and literally, get clients on demand so then you start slowly raising your rates as you start getting more and more feedback right here as well as uh you start seeing all these cool little badges that are on here when you are successful in things which leads me to the seventh thing the moment you start getting clients automatically and you get too much clients, you know how to handle with that’s when you start outsourcing your work you take the money that you saved in the previous step and you literally go all the way to like the last page and see how people are charging like even less so if you get like a fixed job for like 500 maybe you could try getting you could post a fixed job for i don’t know like a a hundred bucks then you can literally quadruple or five extra money right or you could come in here and hire somebody for even cheaper I could just type in writing advanced search location philippines or ukraine or russia look at this fifteen dollars an hour thiIteen dollars an hour eight dollars an hour you then start hiring these people and take the money that you saved from your fixed rate jobs and then you start hiring them I guess they do the work for you and you can just peace out and relax as Upwork is sending you clients and you’re sending those clients to other people and all you have to be is really just the face of it you don’t have to do the hard work does that make the sense you can get other people to do the hard work and this is just a small fraction of the possibility that you can do to make money online and if you want an even faster an easier way to make money online

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