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jobs online near me

right online and you’re sober but you’re

in a panic, you don’t know what to do

because you know I mean you don’t feel

like you don’t have any talent or any

skills to do anything or maybe even no

credentials or not even like a

bachelor’s degree or no college

education well there is hope there are

places you can go right online you don’t

even have to leave your house or go

anywhere and you can make between

fourteen fifteen sixteen dollars an hour

just sitting down in a chair at the desk

doing whatever you want to do I’m gonna

show you everything right that shows

you how to make money online how to work

from home how to become an entrepreneur

and if you

would like to learn how to make a full

time passive income right online

because this is what I’m doing if you

want to make money while you sleep and

while you’re out on vacation and

traveling with your family well check



is exciting how would you like

to work for a company that has been

around since like the 1940s okay it’s

legit it’s been around a really

long time

they have customer service phone jobs

that will pay you to work at home and

you can answer customer questions who

are calling in about different inquiries

about u-haul products and services they

are looking for people who can work

At least thirty two hours per week and

according to the job positions and the

base pay plus the bonus structure you’ll

average around fourteen to fifteen

dollars an hour by doing this now I’m

gonna show you guys how to sign up so

what you’re gonna do is just go over to

u-haul it’s your aul command you’ll see

this page right here scroll all the way

down here and at the very bottom you’ll

see u-haul careers we’ll just go-ahead

and click on that little curve

200 he’s the button right there that’ll take

you over to this page and then you will

enter in your location but here’s a really easy cool thing about it is that you guys can just come right down here

and click on view all open jobs all

right and I’ll go ahead and do that and

that’s gonna ask me I’m a new applicant

yes I’m gonna applicant okay so I’ll

Click on that and then right here all

you have to do it by category just

select call center work from home and

that’s going to display all the

available positions to work at home now

many people say that they enjoy

working for this company because it’s

not stressful and that’s super important

compared to other types of phone jobs

that you can do and from online and

different websites and things the hours

are flexible here’s a

so you can

see what it looks like currently our

call center employees over 600 work from

home moving specialists across

The United States and Canada who are

scheduled to work on an as-needed basis

work from home

moving specialists participate in a

comprehensive or week training program

training includes self-paced online

courses as well as a group training

classes conducted by webinar now I just

wanted to note that you are going to

become an employee of the company not in

an append intractable dental life

insurance and there’s also a 401 K as

well so you guys might want to check

this out it’s over there at u-haul comm

let’s go ahead and check out another one

here I have for you so here’s one right

here it’s called the eyes soft stone and

just want to make sure that you guys

know this domain it’s eye soft stone and then that’s going to take

you to this page right here this company

pays you for evaluating search engines

online I know it sounds cool it is cool

and because they have some transcribing

work as well but you could make like $13

per hour which is paid by direct deposit

once a month all right and you work as

an independent contractor for this company as well now let me show you the listings here these are all the jobs that are currently

available now this is nationwide guys

and these jobs are for you know

different countries now you can do any

of these jobs just make sure that you

speak the language that the position is

requiring and you can see we have

transcriber jobs here you have an online ad

evaluator jobs you have different

conversational speech jobs that you can

do and all of these you can do from home

I checked out some

of these and a lot of these have just

been posted so just be sure to get over

there and if you want to know how to see

this job listing page right here what

you’re gonna do is go right over to

Google and type in I soft stone job

listings and then you’re gonna have this

crowd job listing link right here at

the very top and once you click on that

that’ll take you over to this page okay

now you can work where you want and when

you want with this company but they do

require at least ten hours of work per

week all right so you got at least work

ten hours and you are limited to about

twenty-five hours per week tops

this company is based out of China but

they do have positions available all

over the world, I was just looking over

here on Reddit lots of people are

talking about this company on Reddit I

mean it’s just loads and lists of

different posts and things regarding I

soft zones so go over there and check it

out here’s a post over here I saw just

recently this guy says if you can get

into ice off the stone, you’re in a good place to work they do a great job of helping you if you have any questions or

concerns it pays pretty well and their

jobs last longer than others okay so

some good feedback there

lots of people are talking about it on

Reddit let’s go ahead and jump over to

the next at-home opportunity for you

guys and so this one’s called the live world

over at live world calm this company

offers at-home careers for social media

moderation they have positions available

right now that is bilingual for many

languages okay such as Arabic Chinese

Danish-French Italian Japanese Spanish

and tie the requirements are that you

guys must be at least 18 years or older

and speak fluently in whichever position

that you’re applying for and have good

communication skills now you can work

several hours at a time you must

understand how to check email and use

the instant messenger programs but see

most of us are checking email and

checking messages all day long anyway so

there’s no big skills or anything

like that, that’s required you guys don’t

have to pick up the phone you don’t have

to talk to anybody so how much do they

pay that’s the big question here

moderators are making anywhere from

eight to nine dollars an hour and get

this is what I like the most

all the training when you sign up all

the training that you do is going to be

paid for so just as you’re learning your way around the interface and how to do the job and everything they are going to

pay you for that okay and they just

require you to work a minimum of 30

hours per week so I mean up to nine

dollars an hour thirty dollars a week

okay guys kind of do the math in your

head it’s not too bad so to apply what

you’re gonna do is just come right down

here to the very bottom down by the

footer and click right here where it

says careers and then that will take you

over to this page and just like it says

at the very top, they have a bilingual

customer service agent job part-time

hourly and it says right here this is a

work from home position guys okay so if

you have if you know how to speak any of

the languages that are listed right here

you guys should apply alright so go over

there and check it out check out the

jobs and the careers and see what’s

currently available see what they’re

hiring for right now hold on a

minute guys just stop everything right

now okay let’s just face it you’re

not going to get rich doing all

of these things on line, this is just

some part-time supplemental income right

I mean as soon as you stop working the

money’s going to stop and I know-how

that is because I’ve worked jobs and you

know whenever I wanted to just do

something else or I wanted to stop

working or I want to take a lunch break

I could

I had to keep working and so I didn’t

have the time and freedom to do

what I wanted to do until now there’s

something I want to share with you guys

if you would like to learn how to make a

full-time passive income right online

you can do this right from home it’s the

same thing as I’ve just you know doing

an online job except this is a passive

income now a lot of people don’t know

what that is they hear the passive

income like what the heck does that mean

well this is where you make money when

you’re when you’re not working okay you

make money while you work but you also

make money when you’re not working as a

matter of fact I woke up this morning

out of bed and I looked at my phone and

I made money while I was sleeping if I’m

out with my family driving around if I’m

on a road trip or out on vacation I can

still have that money coming in and

that’s the great thing about this so I

want to share this with you guys this is

an amazing opportunity



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